Thursday, November 30, 2023

JamesWillstrop in a Huff about the Olympics

By ALAN THATCHER World number one James Willstrop is taking a leading role in finding a voice which explains how squash players in England feel about the Olympic Games being held here in London, and how hard it is to deal with the fact that squash has not been invited to the party. It reminds […]

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  1. you could add eloquence, humility and friendliness as attributes that most of the top squash players have. I have been privileged, and I mean it, to meet a number of the top squash players over the years, and their willingness to talk with people and engage with enthusiasts for their sport is something that most premier league football stars wouldn’t understand. It would be nice to get a definitive answer as to why squash has been excluded, and why synchronised drowning (sorry but it is the obvious comparison), golf, and yes, beach volleyball, have been included.

    • Hi Peter.

      For the record, the IOC acknowledged that they chose golf and rugby sevens for 2016 for commercial reasons.
      Golf will net significant TV advertising revenue (although the Tiger Woods factor that swung the day has been significantly tarnished) and rugby sevens will fill the stadium for a few days before the track and field starts.
      I agree with everything you say about the leading squash players. That’s why I care so passionately about helping them to achieve their rightful place on the global Olympic stage.
      That’s why clubs like Chichester should be supporting World Squash Day on October 20th!

  2. Good post. The exclusion is all the more painful given the huge amount of time given to beach volleyball and what looked like BMX bike racing yesterday. And of course gymnastics, which you would think was the American national sport.

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