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Are you tied up in knots with your laces?

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Learn how to tie your laces properly
Learn how to tie your laces properly

Change the way you tie your laces, and it could change your life!
SAYS ANDY WHIPP – Squash Mad Guest Correspondent

Last week it was pointed out to me that I tie my shoe laces wrong! An automatic action I’ve been doing for 30 years has been wrong, and the crazy thing is, most people do, and probably you!

There’s a ‘Granny Knot’ which most of us, and from my experience in the last week, most right handed people, will be using. This is the weak form of the shoe knot.

Then there’s the ‘Reef Knot’ and this is the one we want, which will not come undone during exercise.

Here’s the mad thing – there’s just one very simple change between the two. All you have to do is change the initial knot before the loop stage.

If you’ve done it incorrectly, the laces will pull down the centre of the shoe, but if you’ve done it correctly the laces will pull to the side, which is stronger, and actually tightens with vibrations and running steps… and it looks better too! Click here and watch this two-minute video…… it’ll change your life!

This feels a bit weird at first for me, a ‘right-hander’, but it totally works. I’m now free from annoying laces during a squash match. I feel so alive!

A grateful Tom Richards is allowed to borrow some laces from Nick Matthew
A grateful Tom Richards is allowed to borrow some laces from Nick Matthew

FOOTNOTE: Players who have tripped up with their laces

Joel Hinds is tied up in knots
Joel Hinds is tied up in knots

Joel Hinds was punished with a conduct game after taking too long to replace a broken lace during the Canary Wharf qualifying competition at Wimbledon two years ago.

And Tom Richards was lucky to be rescued by his opponent, Nick Matthew, after another shoelace incident during the British Open at the O2 Arena in London.

Richards was in danger of suffering a similar fate to Hinds but Matthew stepped in to offer him a spare pair.



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  1. Very interesting and as an ex judo fighter we were taught the difference between a granny and reef when tieing our Obi (belts) from a very young age, but never thought about this in laces.

    I always though it was for safety, a granny knot would leave the belt sticking up and could therefore hurt youngsters if they fell awkwardly, whereas a reef knot was more streamlined and didn’t stick out.



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