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EXCLUSIVE: Louis Vuitton hails the extraordinary Nicol David

World squash champion is honoured among Malaysia’s female premier league
By ALEX WAN – Squash Mad Malaysian Correspondent


Louis Vuitton, the French household name famous for their high end handbags, recently paid homage to Malaysia’s League of Extraordinary Women. The list was made up of women who are making a difference in our society. One of them is our very own, Nicol David.

Nicol, who is not short of accolades, among them being conferred a Datukship at 24 years old in 2008, making her possibly the youngest ever recipient of such an award.

She was also the very first recipient of Darjah Bakti (Order of Merit) by the king of Malaysia then, Tunku Mizan, the highest recognition in sports in Malaysia. Most recently, together with Nick Matthew, she was also appointed ambassador for Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

A photo exhibition was held to honour these women, who ranged from social activist Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir, supermodel Ling Tan, Malaysian legendary songstress Datuk Sheila Majid and Hollywood actress Datuk Michelle Yeoh, all of whom are household names in Malaysia.

When asked how it felt to be in the same league as these women, Nicol said, “It is truly an honour and privilege to be amongst these outstanding women in Malaysia while being associated with Louis Vuitton’s campaign to commemorate our achievements.”

Nicol also added, “I would never imagine being where I am today in my squash career and to be recognized through my success the way these amazing women have contributed to society in Malaysia has been an exciting moment for me in my life. My parents represented me at the event in KL and it’s all tribute to them for the upbringing they’ve given me to become the person I am because they believed in me.”

When prompted how she felt she about being someone who is making a difference in our society, she had this to say, ”The path I chose to play squash was just me following my passion in life and I have given my best to continue to reach my full potential in squash.

“Just to be recognized by people in Malaysia that I have inspired them in some way is very fulfilling. I hope that I can give people the encouragement to believe they can do the same in anything they’re truly passionate about.”

March will be a big month for sports in Malaysia. Not only will Penang host the delayed Women’s World Championships, but the Laureus Sports Awards will also follow in Kuala Lumpur on March 26.

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Pictures courtesy of Nicol David

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