Friday, July 19, 2024

Gaultier v Golan Letter of the week


SQUASHMAD reader Peter Bryttne has posted this response to the Gaultier-Golan battle in Doha which, incidentally, was reported as a simple, no-incident match by the official PSA website here

“I could not help but doing a bit of calculation on the Gaultier – Golan battle. The figures are of course not 100% but they can give an indication:
Totally 48 lets
Gaultier asked for 13 lest – 5 no let, 1 stroke
Golan asked for 35 lets – 8 no let, 4 stroke
In only 2 cases, one for each player, the review changed the original ruling.
The match took 80 min – eg in average there was one let asked for every 1 min 40 secs!
Honestly this is crazy!”
I will not point finger in any direction – all I can say that it is not acceptable. We have to sort this out!”

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