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Gaultier v Golan Letter of the week

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SQUASHMAD reader Peter Bryttne has posted this response to the Gaultier-Golan battle in Doha which, incidentally, was reported as a simple, no-incident match by the official PSA website here http://www.psaworldtour.com/news/20131101/golan-rodriguez-hit-world-ranking-heights_2281852_3519561

“I could not help but doing a bit of calculation on the Gaultier – Golan battle. The figures are of course not 100% but they can give an indication:
Totally 48 lets
Gaultier asked for 13 lest – 5 no let, 1 stroke
Golan asked for 35 lets – 8 no let, 4 stroke
In only 2 cases, one for each player, the review changed the original ruling.
The match took 80 min – eg in average there was one let asked for every 1 min 40 secs!
Honestly this is crazy!”
I will not point finger in any direction – all I can say that it is not acceptable. We have to sort this out!”

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  1. In the first game, with the score at 3-0 to Gaultier, Golan hit a loose shot. Standing right on the T Gaultier shaped up to play his shot, but Golan pole-axed him, hitting him in his back and leg and knocked him to the floor. An obvious stroke according to the rules, an obvious point to Gaultier according to the rules, 4-0 to Gaultier according to the rules, a Conduct Warning to Golan according to the rules. But no, a let given, no point awarded, no caution despite possible injury, and an ominous sign of questionable refereeing for the match. With only one review allowed, Gaultier was reluctant to use it so early in the game and match, and with reviews so often getting baffling decisions who could blame him ?

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