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Jahangir Khan teams up with McWIL courts

Jahangir Khan and David Carr of McWIL
Jahangir Khan and David Carr of McWIL

Pakistan legend is now an international ambassador for global squash projects

By Alan Thatcher, Squash Mad Editor

Squash legend Jahangir Khan, the most successful male player of all time, with 10 consecutive British Open titles to his name, has taken on a new role in promoting the game.

He is joining McWIL Squash, based in Washington DC, as an international ambassador.

A statement released to day by McWIL reports: “We are pleased to announce that Jahangir Khan is joining the company in an active role. It has been a goal of both the eminent Jahangir and the CEO of McWIL Squash, David Carr, to make squash more accessible to players and would-be players worldwide, particularly parts of the globe where talented and hard-working athletes have limited facilities.

“Jahangir Khan will undertake the role of international marketing ambassador for McWIL, with responsibility for expanding awareness of McWIL in markets where demand for squash courts is growing and where simultaneously there is a need for creative solutions to meet the demand in a cost-effective manner.

“Most critically, however, Jahangir Khan’s role will be expansive and reflect his dedication to the future of squash in all corners of the squash world.”

In announcing the formalization of the relationship, Carr said: “Of course Jahangir Khan is the most prominent name in squash, but the reason I am enthused about our mutual commitment is related to Jahangir’s love for squash, and for bringing this affection to others, to the respect I see from both his peers and his legions of fans, and to the friendship we have shared for three decades now as Jahangir has transformed from phenom to legend.”

Carr continued: “Jahangir has a keen desire to give back to the game that has given him so much, and I believe together we can accelerate that goal.”

Jahangir reflected on his commitment to McWIL Squash, saying: “I have known David for a long time and as I have seen and played on McWIL courts I appreciate his commitment to quality, and to cost-effective solutions to making squash courts available to all who would like to play.

“We are like-minded in wanting to see squash in every corner of the world, and I know our partnership will soon bring some exciting new ideas to the game that has meant so much to me in my life.”

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