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Moncton club wins legacy bid for Pan-Am Games courts

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Team Canada pictured at the Pan-Am Games
Team Canada pictured at the Pan-Am Games

Three courts set for singles and doubles play in New Brunswick squash centre
By HOWARD HARDING – Squash Mad International Correspondent


In a unique legacy of last year’s Pan American Games in Toronto, a pioneering new ASB squash court concept will be installed in the city of Moncton in the Canadian province of New Brunswick and ready for action next month.

The German company’s ASB EventGameCourt features three ASB System100 courts equipped with two movable side walls which can easily be moved either to extend singles squash courts into doubles courts, or convert a dedicated squash facility into an open arena for multi-sport usage.

Its unique feature, however, is that the ASB EventGameCourt is designed to be installed, dismantled and re-installed numerous times. The court is aimed at clients that require a temporary installation (e.g. for an event with a large crowd) before placing the court in a new location for permanent use.

The new Moncton courts were originally installed at the Toronto Exhibition Centre for the Pan Am Games (pictured below) in July last year.

“The world-class ASB modular glass back convertible 3-court unit has created ‘squash-a-mania’ in Eastern Canada,” said Lolly Gillen, President of Squash Canada. “A legacy from the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto, these courts have generated tremendous awareness of squash not only within the Moncton Squash Club and the city of Moncton but throughout New Brunswick and the Atlantic provinces.

“Squash Canada is confident they will be instrumental in inspiring many more youth and adults to participate in this great game. The ability to easily convert the singles court to a doubles court in just minutes will also provide fabulous expose to International Doubles Squash, currently not played in our country,” explained Gillen.

The ASB courts pictured at the Pan-Am Games
The ASB courts pictured at the Pan-Am Games

“Squash Canada is incredibly grateful for the Government of Canada’s foresight and investment in squash. What a golden opportunity to grow and market squash by offering an opportunity to play on the same courts as did our triumphant Men and Women’s Teams, the World Junior Champion Diego Elias, Colombia’s world No.5 Miguel Angel Rodriguez and USA’s world No.8 Amanda Sobhy.”

Till Jonuleit, ASB Squash sales manager, said: “Right from the beginning, Toronto 2015 wanted to emphasise legacy and cost-efficiency. That meant a court system was required that allowed for singles and doubles squash, ideally offering both on the same surface.

“The conclusion to offer an ASB GameCourt with two movable walls that can be transformed from three singles to two doubles courts within minutes was quickly drawn.”

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Jiri Grulich, the CEO of ASB Squash, added: “One question remained unknown: Could it be designed in a way that the entire system could be installed, dismantled and re-installed in various locations in very few days – with the quality that the PanAmerican Games required? This was when the ASB design department constructed the ASB EventGameCourt which is offering exactly that: cost-efficiency, legacy and multi-purpose usage.”

The Squash Moncton club was selected by Squash Canada ahead of several other clubs across Canada to win the “Pan Am Legacy Courts”.

Jan Prieditis, Squash Moncton’s manager and pro, says the new courts will help the club attract some of the country’s top talent.

The three new courts will be open for play in February.

For more details of the new ASB court: asbsquash.com/products/asb-eventgamecourt/

For more images of the Moncton court in construction: www.squashmoncton.com/-photo-diary—update.html 



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