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Selby and Richards top Edinburgh seeds

Daryl Selby is always a popular visitor to Edinburgh
Daryl Selby is always a popular visitor to Edinburgh

All-Scottish clashes in BSPA first round

By Alan Thatcher, Squash Mad Editor

The first round of the forthcoming Edinburgh Open has thrown up some tasty first round encounters, including a couple of mouthwatering all-Scottish clashes.

The top two seeds hail from south of the border, Daryl Selby and Tom Richards.

The third and fourth seeds are both from Scotland, Alan Clyne and Greg Lobban.

All-Caledonian encounters include Jamie Henderson v Kevin Moran, and Doug Kempsell (5/8) v Stuart MacGregor.

Qualifying begins at the Edinburgh Sports Club on Thursday, January 28, with the main draw first round the following day.

The tournament is part of the JW Cannon BSPA Grand Prix Series.

Edinburgh Open Qualifying round (January 28):
18.45 Chris Grey v Ross McHoul
18.45 Simon Boughton v Niall Morris
18.45 James Singh v Martin Ross
19.30 Alan Tasker v Mahmoud El Saoud
19.30 Gareth Brown v Jacques Laas

Main Draw First round (Friday January 29):

Daryl Selby (1) v Grey/McHoul
Jamie Henderson v Kevin Moran
Micah Franklin v Rory Stewart
Luke Parker v Jaymie Haycocks (5/8)
George Parker (5/8) v Boughton/Morris
Chris Leiper v Robbie Temple
Dylan Bennett v Michael Ross
Singh/Ross v Alan Clyne (3/4)
Greg Lobban (3/4) v Tasker/El Saoud
Harry Falconer v Rui Soares
Joe Green v Stuart George
Craig V-Wallace v Richie Fallows (5/8)
Doug Kempsell (5/8) v Stuart MacGregor
Matt Sidaway v Chris Ryder
Elliot Selby v James Jacobsen
Brown/Laas v Tom Richards (2)


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