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Cam Pilley kiss awards..Nick takes one in the eye

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The Bruise Brothers … and Sisters 

SQUASH is no place for wimps, as our growing gallery of trophy ‘Campilley kisses’ will testify.

If you have one to match it,  email [email protected] and I’ll add it to the the rogue’s gallery. Later, we’ll ask King of Sting, Cameron Pilley to vote for his favourite. Major prize for the eventual winner, Well, a Squash Mad Tee shirt anyway.

We kick off with this nasty one sent in by Nick Johnson from Manchester. A cross-court volley straight into the face. Not nice and definitely painful.


And here’s a multi-coloured cracker courtesy of Czech number one Jan Koukal, who was struck by Dave  Letourneau at the Atlanta Open last year. We’re not sure what OUCH! is in the Czech language but we’re equally sure Jan would have belted it out.

Our next offering is a little cheeky, but it’s reproduced in the interest of health and safety, obviously. Being decent coves, we won’t be divulging the identity of the recipient, no matter how many times you ask, Mr Sharpes.

bruise 2

Told you that was cheeky. Here’s the lovely Vicky Botwright with a nasty bruise received on court in Manchester. They breed ’em tough oop there.

sting 1

Below is the current leader in our Lady Stings the Bruise contest.


A proper stinger I think you’ll agree? SquashMad follower Terry Pritchard from Canada posted this colourful (sorry, colorful for our North American cousins) photograph of a female club mate who’d clearly been on the receiving end of a real zinger.

Not quite in the class of  Cameron Pilley’s now infamous drilling of his brother Morgan (click here for the evidence) but a pretty good effort nonetheless.

Our friends at the Squash Doubles Association weighed in with this double whammy.


Here’s their message: We have many, but here’s a classic from last year. 2 for the price of 1!
Two different contributors (Chris Walker & James Stout). Walker managed the bottom one in a pro-am!


And Scotland’s World No 122 Kevin Moran has sent us another belter.

“Here’s one from playing league last year. Straight into the calf, horribly discoloured! “Little bit of sting” As Morgan Pilley would say…!”

Deon Saffrey of Wales loves playing doubles. And here’s what she had to show from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow!
And here’s Kristi Maroc sporting a colourful souvenir at CityView Racquet Club in New York.
Keep ’em coming…


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  1. Tell you what Phillip let’s see a photo of a leg that has received a full on impact and an eye that has received a full on impact and the lets see how well they are functioning a few weeks later. Maybe the bruise around both will have healed up but the burst eyeball will still be a burst eyeball.

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