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Sharpes: Losing hurts…but losing to a complete and utter nobhead really hurts

Lee Hortonhttps://squashmad.com
Former Sun, Mirror, People and Sunday Express sports executive. Knows a bit about newspapers and the art of talking a good game. Brighter than some but a way to go to match others.

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Muhd Asyraf Azan, Masasharpes 2


Angry Londoner Charles Sharpes (above right) launched a Twitter broadside on Malaysian world number 65 Muhamed Asyraf Azan minutes after their PSA Indian Summer first round epic which lasted a punishing two hours and 12 minutes.

Qualifier Sharpes, 21, crashed out of the $40,000 dollar event in St. Paul, Minnesota USA after losing the crucial fifth game 17-15 and within minutes posted on Twitter: ‘Losing hurts…but losing to a complete and utter nobhead really hurts’.

Feisty stuff from the Tottenham football fan (ranked world 62) who can probably expect a yellow card from PSA bosses who are sure to request details of the high-octane encounter.

Afterwards, Azan admitted: ‘I was so rusty today that I tried to win every point just to get points, no matter the situation.  He was still keeping up with me.  His movement is better than me today ? I was lucky.’


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