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Squash Ezine: Robbie Temple signs up for PST

The extraordinary two-handed Temple set to wow American audiences
By JOE McMANUS – Squash Ezine

Robbie Temple swings both ways with this amazing grip
Robbie Temple swings both ways with this amazing grip

Rumour has it that the Pro Squash Tour is overjoyed to welcome “the Rocket” Robbie Temple to PST. Temple is known as “the world’s greatest, ambidextrous talent in squash.”

Robbie Temple has an extraordinary variety of grips. He hits the ball with his left hand, his right hand, and often uses both hands.


To see an earlier article on Squash Mad, please click here. The article contains a link to one of the most incredible shots in the history of the game.


We hear good guy Jamie Crombie may be the new pro at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. #GreatChoice

College Squash is releasing its rankings by division these days. There are 11 Division I women’s varsity squash teams. 
Of the 11, the lowest ranked was 14th in the nation.

College Squash coaching jobs are hot these days. We hear Dickinson College is looking at youthful (Ivy League) energy. And MIT has attracted ‘shockingly’ world-class interest.

What’s a varsity college squash coach earn in the States? We hear most are tucked between $50 and $70k a year. Ivy Leaguers are closer to $80k. And some of the elite coaches (better negotiators) are making six figures.


Ming Tsai has been all over late night t.v. promoting his Aero Knife on the Home Shopping Network. Ming was a stud squash player at Yale University back in the day. And rumor has it he played a little pro ball in Europe after school.


Squash.com.au was happy to promote here the release of “two-time” PSA Champion Nick Matthew’s book this week. Nice gesture boys, except Nick won the title three times.


heathWe hear University of Rochester coach and long-time Scottish Champion Martin Heath (far right) will be doing commentary for the Commonwealth Games broadcast this summer. #GreatChoice


An incensed reader pointed us to Kevin Klipstein’s (US Squash CEO) letter in the current edition of Squash Magazine.
Evidently, Guy Cipriano’s article on the Daily Squash Report hit a nerve at US Squash headquarters.
Cipriano’s article highlighted how few people now participate in US Squash’s national championships.
So Klipstein, responded with a write-up in his own magazine. But he puffed up his participation stats to include the US Junior Open, which is not a national championship. It attracts juniors of all nationalities from across the globe. But its 1,300 participants would certainly make Klipstein look better than the 179 who went to US Nationals this year.
#Cipriano1 #Klipstein0


Eric ‘the Dalai’ Lamsa is recently back in action on the PST circuit. The ‘Dalai’ is also the well-liked member of Tufts University’s coaching staff. There is minimal Truth to the Rumor that ‘the Dalai’ is PST Commissioner’s ‘Squash & Spiritual Adviser.’

Source: The Squash Ezine

Picture from Squash Mad and Squash Ezine archives, and courtesy of Steve Cubbins at Squashsite


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