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Squash Ezine: Tributes pour in for squash legend Henri Salaun

American squash legend Henri Salaun on the front cover of Sports Illustrated in 1958

By JOE McMANUS – Editor of Squash Ezine

salaunBeloved squash figure Henri Salaun died on June 4, 2014. He was 88 years old. Mr. Salaun was a resident of Needham, Massachusetts.

In 1958 along with Diehl Mateer, Salaun appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Salaun won the 1954 U.S. Open.

He won four U.S. singles titles and six Canadian titles.

To view the 1958 Sports Illustrated article, please click here.

He was a graduate of Deerfield Academy and Wesleyan University where he captained the soccer, tennis and squash teams.

He was a World War II, US Army veteran, having served in Patton’s 3rd Army. 

He was inducted into the Miller Lite Boston Hall of fame of premier athletes voted by journalists in 1980, the Wesleyan University Hall of Fame in 2008, and the first ballot of the United States Squash Racquets Hall of Fame in 2000.

The Boston Globe obituary can be seen here


shonakerrTalented Wesleyan University squash coach Shona Kerr can be seen trading her squash racquet for a keyboard and saxophone late nights in Connecticut.

Kerr and her band, the ReAnimators will next perform on June 27.

For more information on the band, please click here.



  • Kate Upton took a hard shot at the Los Angeles Country Club this week when shetweeted:
    • “I just heard that Los Angeles Country Club doesn’t allow women to golf until noon.That is the most insulting news I’ve heard! It’s 2014”
    • She was wrong. There’s no such rule.
    • But is that really The MOST insulting news Kate ever heard? 
  • Speaking of LA LA Land, something’s amiss at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. Their hiring committee still hasn’t been able to secure a pro in this unnecessarily long search. We heard they had a pro, but now they’re advertising again.
  • Rachael Grinham and Squash Australia seem to have patched up their differences, just in time for this summer’s Commonwealth Games.
  • Chins are wagging about the impressive recruiting class of Columbia University men. We hear they will be contenders to  win the Ivy League next year.    
  • British #1 tennis player Andy Murray recently hired French female Amélie Mauresmo to be his coach.
  • The United Kingdom National Racketball Championships are being held soon. Last year’s winner earned £200. We hear there’s no prize money offered this year.
  • Dartmouth College has announced three men’s recruits entering this fall. One each from Springside Chestnut Hill AcademyThe Collegiate School, and Westminster School which should ensure things stay solid for The Big Green.
    • We needed to double check the mascot for Dartmouth College.
    • To our surprise, a Keg of Beer was listed first by Google
    • It seems the boys and girls of Hanover prefer “Keggy the Keg” to the actual mascot. 
  • According to NBC Sports, Keggy could not be confirmed as present at Dartmouth’s most regrettable squash moment, which was reported, a few years back, here

Scottish National Team member Harry Leitch isn’t just an elite squash player. Harry Leitch is one of the top researchers in embryonic stem cell research in the world.

Speaking of talented Scottish players, we hear Boston’s Union Boat Club will soon announce Greg McArthur as their new Head Pro. McArthur will leave his post at Connecticut’s Round Hill Club.

America is about to become less attractive. Talented (and beautiful) squash pro Kasey Brown is leaving Greenwich, CT for OZ as she will be the new pro at Tonic Squash and Gym in Australia.
We also hear Providence, Rhode Island’s University Club is expecting a facelift.



Elite tennis and squash overlapping here. #McCawMethod #DavidPalmerSquashAcademy

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