Thursday, March 30, 2023

Squash Mad Australia: Thunder from Down Under

Festive fun could make way for a retail rumble
Festive fun could make way for a retail rumble

Sad news for Aussie aces missing the Worlds as a row over racket sales rumbles on the horizon
By STEVE WALTON – Squash Mad Raving Reporter Down Under


This week, Squash Mad’s Australia Correspondent Steve Walton (his job description actually reads: Raving Reporter on Location at a Squash Club Near You) delivers his Christmas Message.


It’s very similar to the Queen’s Speech in style and content, and brings news of some outstanding performances by Australians Cam Pilley and Ryan Cuskelly.

This week he brings in the Elf and Safety rules to snap up some low-paid seasonal workers, making sure that he observes all the rules and regs in the Fair Work System.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.58.32Steve begins by sharing the disappointing news that the squash world has been turned upside down (that would put Australia on top) by the cancellation of two major tournaments, the Women’s World Championship and the Men’s World Team Championship.

The latter is a major blow to Australia, with Cameron Pilley and Ryan Cuskelly showing fantastic form in the build-up to what could have been an epic campaign in Cairo.

Steve’s hard-working elves are all ready to wrap up some new Salming rackets for Christmas, but there is a battle on the horizon between retailers, club owners and Squash Australia following the governing body’s decision to launch an online shop.

Many view this as being in direct competition to the aforementioned retailers and club owners, who are working hard to keep the game alive and resent this latest move.

It could be the biggest fight in Australia since the Eureka Stockade rumble in 1854.

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