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Steve Walton

The busiest man in Australia, growing squash brands and growing the game in the process

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Sarah Fitzgerald shows why she is still a true champion

How Fitz mastered injury to win Masters title By STEVE WALTON - Squash Mad Editor At Large in Australia   Many of you probably saw this picture...

Squash Mad Australia: Steve Walton’s Video Blog

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJGYaLsiWO0&sns=em By STEVE WALTON - Squash Mad Roving Reporter Down Under Great to see Cam Pilley and Ryan Cuskelly flying the flag for Australia in major...

Squash Mad Australia: Thunder from Down Under

Sad news for Aussie aces missing the Worlds as a row over racket sales rumbles on the horizon By STEVE WALTON - Squash Mad Raving Reporter...

Squash Mad Australia: Steve Walton takes the Mickey

Bollywood drama unfolds as squash dissects failed Olympic bid By STEVE WALTON - Squash Mad Australian News Digger  Bill Gates meets Mickey Mouse with a little Oprah Winfrey...

Squash Mad Australia: We are not minions, says Steve Walton

Praise for World Squash Day clubs, top coaches and top pros By STEVE WALTON - Squash Mad Australia Roving Reporter   Our roving reporter Steve Walton...

Steve Walton: Latest video report from Australia

He's online and in your face: Steve Walton makes a racket about the Olympics By STEVE WALTON - Squash Mad Roving Reporter at the Australian Junior Championships Not...

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