Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Squash stars call for return of ‘simple let’

World squash tour players have backed calls for more “collaborative discussions” surrounding the current issue of lets – or lack thereof.

World No 34 Aly Abou Eleinen posted comment online this week on improving the management of lets, which has become an increasing problem in recent seasons.

“Giving “Lets” in squash matches is OKAY,” Eleinen wrote on Twitter alongside his opinion piece.

“Referees should set a clear tone, provide guidance & use “Lets” as needed. Improving “Let” management benefits players, spectators & the sport.”

It provoked an outpouring of support from fellow professionals, backing calls for more discussions between referees, players and PSA officials.

Frenchman Victor Crouin said: “Lets are an integral part of our game. Removing them has only increased tension & unnecessary physical contacts between players + didn’t solve the time wasting issue, quite the opposite. Bring players & referees back to the table for more collaborative discussions!”

Meanwhile Wales’ Emily Whitlock said: “Sometimes, it’s just a let!
If anything, players strolling to the towel boxes for purely tactical reasons have upped delays.

“Refs need to show common sense and not follow a flow chart of instruction but probably can’t because they might get a bollocking from the hierarchy.”

The issue was further highlighted this week by former world champion Nick Matthew. Writing in his Squash Mad column, the Briton said that directives given to referees “have made it more difficult for them to manage the game.” 

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