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Take the Gym Triathlon Challenge and discover if you’re fitter than squash professional Daryl Selby

Who can topple squash pro Selby in the great gym Triathlon Challenge?

IT’S widely accepted that squash professionals are a pretty fit bunch. Forbes Magazine worked it out that squash is the number one sport for all-round fitness so it’s fair to assume that the pros are at a level most of us mere mortals can only dream about.

But how fit and tough are these guys? Well, world number 10 Daryl Selby has given us a little insight into his gym prowess, and he’s throwing down the challenge to the rest of us to go head-to-head with the Selby Triathlon Challenge.

Essex man Daryl, who eats three Shredded Wheat for breakfast and finishes 90-minute PSA matches looking ridiculously well and healthy, has added a new regime to his training, namely a 1km rowing session, a 3km static bike session followed by a 2km run,
Daryl explains on his website “Thought I’d mix up the training today as the circuits I’ve been doing have been a mix of cardio and body weight resistance exercises. I saw a notice up at the gym with a gym triathlon competition. This involves a 1km Row, 2km Run, 3km bike. Thought I would do that as the first part of my session today, before a core workout.

“Not sure if I was meant to do it in any particular order but I went for the bike first (as could warm up on there) and did 3km in 4:24.

“I went straight across to the rower and after getting setup I guess I had about 90 seconds gap so I will stick to that in future. Now this would definitely be my weakest of the three (my bottom half is a lot stronger than my top half!) but did 1km in 3:46 which I guess is not too bad. I set the resistance at 7.

“I then went onto the treadmill and did 2km in 7:36. Now the run is my strongest part and I think I can knock some time off this for sure.

daz water“So my total is 15:46. All 3 exercises from a standing start (including waiting for the treadmill to get up to the correct level!) Stop the clock after each discipline.

“I will be aiming to better that next week (think I will try and squeeze it in once a week).

“Feel free to let me know how you get on with it?! If people are keen, I could start a leader board on here and on SquashMad to see who is the fastest and give everyone a target to aim for? No cheating, you’re only cheating yourself!”

So there you have it. Your chance to go head-to-head with a squash pro.

Let us know how you got on and we’ll send them to Daryl to add to his leaderboard. If you have any photographs of you taking on the challenge, send those as well. We’ll post them on SquashMad.

There’ll be some prizes up for grabs too, once we’ve twisted the arm of Daryl’s racquet sponsor Black Knight. Watch this space.



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  1. For the record, I did 50,000 pushups last year and it didn’t help my game one bit. Be wary of Selby challenges, squashers.

      • A couple of lessons probably wouldn’t hurt. The point, though, is that Daryl’s goal-focused training regimens may not be that helpful for squash. A couple of years ago he did 50,000 pushups (I think he’d call them press-ups) in a year, which is what gave me the idea. He and I were both stronger for doing it, no doubt, but I don’t think his game improved any more than mine did.

  2. Hi Matt, firstly congratulations on doing 50,000 press ups in a year! I would love to chat to you about it, how you felt and what your regime was. It was a couple of years ago for me now and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. It had nothing to do with attempting to help my squash, it was purely a personal physical and mental challenge.

    The gym triathlon is a bit of fun, something I thought squash players could enjoy in the gym as a goal based exercise that should give some extra short term fitness improvements.

    But you are right to warn people of taking on Selby Challenges! Got some silly ones for when I have finished playing squash!

    All the best,

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