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Thierry Lincou lands new coaching role

French former world champion leads MIT at Dover Academy 
By ALAN THATCHER – Squash Mad Editor

New coach Thierry Lincou
New coach Thierry Lincou

Thierry Lincou is teaming up with Dover Squash and Fitness to coach the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) squash team. 

In a media release, the CEO of Dover Rug and Home, Mahmud Jafri, said he  was proud to announce that Dover Squash and Fitness is partnering with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to provide coaching, training and development for their squash team.

Under the guidance of the legendary Thierry Lincou, who recently joined with Dover Squash and Fitness as a coach, this partnership gives the “Engineers” the opportunity to further develop their skills in the area’s only state-of-the art squash facility.

Thierry Lincou joins Dover Squash and Fitness after a very long and illustrious career on the Pro Tour. Thierry is the former world number one, a World Open champion in 2004, and a member of the French national team.

“It is a huge honor to partner with MIT and have Thierry on board,” states Mr. Jafri, “Since opening several years ago, we’ve attracted some of the world’s top players and coaches including Thierry, to participate in various activities to heighten the awareness of this great sport.

“He knows first-hand what we have to offer players. We are looking forward to a long relationship with MIT and most particularly excited about witnessing their team’s growth.”

Mr. Jafri is renowned for his unparalleled squash advocacy and contributions. A vital catalyst for the increase in interest for the sport in New England over the past four years, Mr. Jafri spearheaded an effort two years ago to train and develop the Pakistan National Team at the Natick facility so the players could have an opportunity to be more competitive on the international circuit.

Dover Squash Academy has continuously espoused a mission to support and encourage the sport through coaching and mentorship. Dover Squash and Fitness Club in Natick, Massachusetts is dedicated to hosting world ranked players for exhibition matches, coaching players of all levels, and arranging a variety of community events to support the sport.

For additional information about Dover Squash Academy and Dover Squash & Fitness, visit the website at

Picture courtesy of Thierry Lincou and MIT


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