Sunday, June 23, 2024

Four disappointed Tweets of the Day

The women’s game is going through some difficult times right now so it’s understandable that there are some envious glances aimed in the direction of the men’s PSA tour.
While the men are still basking in the success of last week’s World Championship in Manchester and preparing for the Qatar Classic in Doha, the WSA cupboard is running a little lean.
Little wonder then that these Tweets from WSA players make pretty sad reading.

Have some great memories from The Qatar Classic…wish we were still involved 🙁

No Qatar Classic and no worlds for WSA this year. What’s next? #speechless #pleasedont #lackoftournaments


I wish we had a @QCsquash tournament! #shame maybe we have to wait until a Qatari women decides to play squash. #longwait



@SquashMadDotCom @JennyDuncalf @HebaElTorky @Mskobayashi16 I like singing! I’d also like to be in Qatar.



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