Saturday, March 2, 2024

Laura: Why weren’t we told about new ‘Lets’ rule?

Massaro backs changes but questions why players were not prepared in advance
By LEE HORTON – Squash Mad Chief Reporter


Laura Massaro has admitted she was caught out by the changes in how referees view ‘Lets’ which have been used at the Allam British Open for the first time. “I heard about the new line of Referring on SquashTV! It would have been nice to be informed officially,” said the world champion.

Although welcoming the principle, Massaro is looking for consistency.“I think I like what they are trying to do at the moment, giving a stronger line for the no let. But there were no lets that were given to me, and the same for Raneem, that I thought were lets.

“It’s early days, and it will take some used to I guess. But it would have been nice to be informed the referees were going to install that new line. First I heard about it was on SquashTV, where they mentioned that new line of referring! It would have been nice to be informed officially, to actually get an email from the refs, saying, listen, this is what we are going to do.

“Instead of that, we had to lose a few points on court before realising what was happening.”

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