Tuesday, October 3, 2023

US: Jaffray Woodriff receives special award

Boars Head backer is thanked for building world-class facility

jaffrayJAFFRAY WOODRIFF has received the US Squash Special Recognition Award after providing the financial backing for one of the world’s most impressive squash facilities.

During the well-attended Saturday night dinner gathering of the 102nd National Championships in Charlottesville, US Squash honoured Woodriff for his leadership and contributions to squash in the U.S.

The building of the University of Virginia’s McArthur Squash Center at Boar’s Head Sports Club, where the U.S. Squash Championships was held, was made possible by the $12.4 million gift from the Charlottesville-based Quantitative Foundation where Woodriff serves as a trustee.

Woodriff, a graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce and chairman and CEO of Quantitative Investment Management, picked up and fell in love with squash five years ago.

The facility is named in honor of his grandfather, Douglass McArthur, a sports enthusiast and active leader in his Bucks County community in Pennsylvania. McArthur passed away last year.

The 33,000-square-foot venue has already significantly expanded the squash program and community at the University. The facility has nine softball singles courts, two pods of four each with seating for approximately ten to twenty spectators per court; an all-glass wall show court with seating for 200-300 spectators; two hardball doubles courts; an upper viewing mezzanine; four dedicated squash locker rooms; digital screens at every court; full streaming capabilities; a team room/lounge; and a coaching office.

At the dinner, US Squash President and CEO Kevin Klipstein commented, “We are so pleased to be able to recognize the person who made this weekend’s experience for hundreds of the most passionate and dedicated squash players possible. This is an experience that will be repeated by hundreds of thousands of people for generations to come.”

Klipstein continued, “The MacArthur Squash Center is magnificent, so thoughtfully planned and beautifully constructed, grand and comfortable at the same time, built on a human scale.

“We have received nothing but positive feedback about the facility, one that is world-class and one that extends the boundaries of squash in the U.S.

“Beyond this, we are thankful for Jaffray’s generosity to US Squash, even advocating for and funding the development of the new rating system, which now puts us on the forefront of all sports in this arena.”

The McArthur Squash Center opened its doors last September with the fanfare of a Grand Opening Festival of Squash featuring five simultaneous tournaments including a Professional Squash Association (PSA), Squash Doubles Association (SDA), Pro-Am Squash Doubles, and US Squash-accredited skill level and junior level tournaments.

Joining professional and adult players in the Nationals last weekend, Woodriff (pictured above, left, with Klipstein, right) took to the McArthur Center’s courts, and added to his weekend accolades by winning the Men’s 40+ Plate Division in a close five-game match.

Action on three courts was streamed live on livestream.com throughout the weekend.

Picture by Steve Cubbins (SquashSite)


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