Friday, December 1, 2023

Hi, I’m R15…does anyone want me?


There are few sights sadder than a lonely heart desperately looking for a partner. We’ve all read the small ads: Single white female seeks anyone with a pulse. Someone for everyone, so they say.

Well, the team here at SquashMad certainly hope so after one pretty heartbreaking story was brought to our attention by our good friend Tim Garner, former PSA player, WSA fire-fighter and promoter of the Canary Wharf Classic here in London town.


The tale concerns a chap known simply as R15. No, he’s not a robot or indeed a Government official, he is simply a seat. But as seats go, R15 cuts a sorry state and is one lonely chap.

Turns out all his mates at the Canary Wharf  Wintergarden venue where he lives have all found someone to sit on them on Finals night March 28th next year. They all have partners, all been bought and paid for and all poised for a posterior fest come the big night.

All of ’em except poor old R15. He’s the only seat in the house that hasn’t been sold. He’s not stuck behind a pillar, not facing the wrong way, he’s as good as all the others but nobody wants him.

How’s that for a tear-jerker as we head towards Christmas? If you can offer R15 some salvation he’d love to hear from you.

To rescue him, go to now. Let’s save the old fella…he rear-lly deserves it.



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