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PSL Predictions: Straight from the horse’s mouth



THE SWIG: He couldn’t tip his hat



THE world’s greatest squash league kicks off its 30th season tomorrow evening (Tues Oct 22nd) with a galaxy of talent worthy of any major event going head to head.

Matthew, Willstrop, El Shorbagy, Massaro, Duncalf, Barker, Selby…they are all signed up for Premier Squash League teams who compete over 10 rounds of matches before the semi-final and final shoot-outs.

To tip you the wink about who’s hot and who’s not, SquashMad’s star tipster The Swig runs you through the first round matches with his ‘expert’ predictions which have all the scientific gravitas of soap. Straight from horse’s mouth, so to speak. Last season The Swig failed to predict Easter so don’t take them too seriously.

That said, if you think you can do better post us your own predictions and we’ll put your name up in lights (well headlines, anyway) if you get more right than him. If you go through the card there’s a massive prize waiting for you…we just haven’t acquired it yet as no-one will win.

So here goes for round one.



Group A:

Air-IT Nottingham v Coolhurst London

Alan Clyne v Simon Rosner                                                                        0-3 Rosner
Eddie Charlton v Ben Coleman                                                                 3-1 Charlton
Chris Fuller v Adam Auckland                                                                         2-3 Fuller
David Wardle v Steve London                                                                3-1 Wardle
Emma Beddoes v Lauren Selby                                                                  3-1 Beddoes

Coolhurst to win 3-2

Benz-Bavarian Duffield v AJP Pontefract

Nick Matthew  v Suarav Ghosal                                                    3-1 Matthew
Steve Coppinger v Lee Beachill                                                      3-1 Coppinger
Andy Whipp v Chris van der Salm                                                    3-2 Whipp
Declan James v Alex Hodgett                                                           3-0 James

Tania Bailey v Katie Smith                                                                3-1 Bailey

Duffield to win 5-0

University of Birmingham v Chapel Allerton

Cameron Pilley v Daryl Selby                                                                      3-1 Pilley
Chris Ryder v Chris Simpson                                                                        0-3 Simpson
Jaymie Haycocks v Shaun Le Roux                                                           1-3 Le Roux
Peter Creed  v James Earles                                                                         3-1 Creed
Olga Ertlova  v Carrie Ramsey                                                                     3-1 Ertlova

Birmingham to win 3-2



Group B

Team Chichester v Winchester Health & Racquets

Jonathan Kemp v Marwan El Shorbagy                                                  2-3 Shorbagy
Rex Hedrick v Rob Downer                                                                          3-0 Hendrick
Robbie Temple v Scott Fitzgerald                                                              3-0 Temple
Anthony Graham v Daniel Poleshuck                                                       3-2 Graham
Lauren Briggs v Jane Allman                                                                         1-3 Allman

Chichester to win 3-2

Luxfords St George’s Hill v Exeter Diamonds

Tom Richards v Omar Mosaad                                                                    3-1 Richards
Joe Lee v Olli Tuominen                                                                                  2-3 Tuominen
Henrick Mustonen v Joey Barrington                                                      3-0 Mustonen
Charles Sharpes v Tim Vail                                                                              3-2 Sharpes
Dom Lloyd Walter v Tory Temple Murray                                              2-3 Temple Murray

St George’s to win 3-2

UWE/Elite Squash Bristol v Integrity Surrey H&R

Mohamed El Shorbagy v Peter Barker                                                    3-2 Shorbagy
David Evans v Adrian Waller                                                                      1-3 Waller
Tom Ford v Raphael Kandra                                                                        3-1 Ford
Michael Harris v Richie Fallows                                                                 1-3 Fallows
Camile Serme v Katie Wilson                                                                       3-0 Serme

Bristol to win 3-2



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