Monday, September 25, 2023

Training tip of the Day


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World Champion Nick Matthew offers us this gentle (NOT) bike session from his training blog Good enough for him, good enough for you.

Let us know how you get on…if you’re able.



2 mins EASY
1 min on/1 min off x 5
2 mins EASY
45 secs on/15 secs off x 3
30 secs on/30 secs off x 3
45 secs on/15 secs off x 3
20 secs on/40 secs off x 3
45 secs on/15 secs off x 3
15 secs on/45 secs off x 3
45 secs on/15 secs off x 3
2 mins EASY

TOTAL TIME: 37 minutes

Nick explains:”Work out what levels suit you on the Bike at your gym & keep a nice balance between high revs and high levels on the work periods. You should be able to keep the revs consistently above 100/105 but if you are creeping up above 110 on the longer intervals then you need to increase the level! Get the legs going faster on the shorter intervals. You should be the one surrounded by a pool of sweat after 37 mins of this one!  ENJOY!!”

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