Tuesday, November 28, 2023

How unique twists help Stockholm Squash Club sustain success

An incredible 80% of the club's court bookings use 'match making' method for players

Gärdets Squashhall, the home of Stockholm Squash Club, is a three-court facility in a basement accessed straight off the pavement. Across the world, many 'old-school' venues like this are struggling - but this one sustains its success thanks to a few unique and ingenious twists. The manager and owner of Stockholm SC for over 20 […]

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  1. This is standard in the Sport of “Real tennis”, it works really well for all the reasons in this article. When combined with a handicap it’s easy to find opposition. SquashLevels is now giving squash a handicap. It’s important to let a professional run the club. The receptionist concept is old school. In real tennis if the professional fails to find you an opponent they usually fill in as the opposition.

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