Thursday, February 22, 2024

Blog: A pointless little whinge (because we’re able to)

As an alternative to the current trend from squash photographers, SquashMad offer the following…


What we like….

paint 1paint 2paint 3paint 4


What we REALLY don’t like…

bore 1bore 2bore 3 bore 4 bore 5 bore 6 bore 7 bore 8 bore 9 bore 10 bore 11 bore 12 bore 13

Come on, snappers…liven it up a bit, the world is watching.


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  1. Hi there!
    We really do need to open up and share more thoughts about the future of squash. There are so many paths one can choose from and actually many of them are probably really good.
    I have a little thought – I’m in the process of building a new club in Stockholm and I would like to create a think tank around the project as such. With ideas and thoughts from people all over the place. Maybe you could even be an active partner. You might have insights into how to create the best possible atmospehere for our members or you can give advice on how to design the whole club. I’m open for thoughts about this. My idea then would be to create a homepage where the progress of the project can be followed. A club today must be financially viable or it will not excist for very long. There are many clubs out there that suffer from too low profits but I’m sure that there are also good examples to be shared and communicated. Please let me know if you think that this is a good idea or not. I will not be able to set the page up just yet due to the workload – but even there maybe there are people out there that might want to help out? Or maybe it should just be a part of SquashMad? I sincerely hope that SquashMad will stay on and be a valuable addition in the challenge of growing squash worldwide. Sorry for blabbing!

    • Hi Peter
      Many thanks for the email. One of our main priorities is to establish Squash Mad as a major portal where everyone in squash with something to offer can share ideas.
      This way we can all help to grow the game together.
      I hope you enjoyed reading Paul Millman’s penetrating analysis of the current state of the game in the wake of the IOC decision to ignore us yet again.
      Please feel free to ad further comments here on Squash Mad.

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