Friday, January 27, 2023

US OPEN: Ace King is queen as Waters falls


SH579Joelle King stormed through to a second successive U.S. Open semifinal with a crushing defeat of England’s fourth seedAlison Waters in the first match of the night.

There was no sign of the domination to come in the first game as Waters, volleying well as she does, took a 6-2 lead. But King worked her way back, taking five points in a row from 5-8 down to reach game ball as a let given to Waters was turned into a no let on video review.

SH580Waters saved those game balls, but a stroke followed by another let that King appealed and got turned into a no let, and the Kiwi was ahead.

That was the end of the match as a contest, as King dominated the next two games, dropping just five points. As well as King played—virtually error free, precise and powerful—Waters was strangely passive and was unable to put her opponent under any real pressure while the scoreboard ticked over relentlessly against her.

“Quite often when you sneak a game like I did the first, you can get on a roll like I did tonight,” said King. “Alison probably wasn’t at her best but I’m pleased with how I played and really happy to be in the semifinals again. It’s been a long break so it’s good to be back plying tournaments again, and this is such a great one to do well in.”


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