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Extremely cheeky Tweet of the Day

Lee Hortonhttps://squashmad.com
Former Sun, Mirror, People and Sunday Express sports executive. Knows a bit about newspapers and the art of talking a good game. Brighter than some but a way to go to match others.

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[two_third last=”no”]German star Simon Rosner certainly knows how to live dangerously. How’s this for a Tweet guaranteed to earn him a place on the naughty steps once Jenny Duncalf and Sarah Kippax catch up with him (assuming they’ve finished their chores first, of course).[/two_third]




Simon Rösner‏@simonroesner3h
Girls cleaning up our Court after practise @JennyDuncalf @Sarahkippax  #Thanks#ToSweaty pic.twitter.com/w8xWD5Z0F8



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