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Ashour’s just like Tyson, Bolt and Tiger

Lee Horton
Lee Hortonhttps://squashmad.com
Former Sun, Mirror, People and Sunday Express sports executive. Knows a bit about newspapers and the art of talking a good game. Brighter than some but a way to go to match others.

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Adrian Grant’s eyes are firmly set on next week’s World Championships in Manchester knowing that a sporting phenomenon stands between him and ultimate glory.

“My hopes are really high. I’m top twenty in the world and the good thing about squash at the moment is that every one is beating everyone regardless of ranking,” he said.

“The world number one, Ramy Ashour, he’s the man in form at the moment but I liken him to the type of player you only see once in a lifetime. He’s like when Tyson came along, the Usain Bolt or Tiger Woods of the sport right now, he has taken it to another level.

“But I’ve seen so many times in sport that it is all about what you do on the day. I’m coming into this World Championships  feeling confident, ready to take every game as it comes,” the gold medal prospect assured his fans.

Before Grant gets a crack at Ramy, he’ll have to get past another Egyptian legend first. He has been drawn against Amr Shabana in the first rounsd

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