Sunday, April 14, 2024

Nick tells Squash Mad: Shoe cannot be serious


We had a bit of fun at Nick Matthew’s expense this morning running a silly story about him adding a bit of paint to his old Hi-Tec squash shoe.

All knock-about stuff but of course, but when you are World Champion and have to deal with high-valued sponsors, probably not what Nick needed to read.

So, in the hope of playing a fair game and being decent coves, we’d like to address the issue and allow Nick to explain why he’s a massive fan of Hi-Tec and why he uses their squash shoe.

Over to Nick:

“Hi-Tec are perhaps the only company out there who invest time, money and resources into a shoe ESPECIALLY for squash. Asics & Adidas, to use two examples are both ‘court’ or ‘indoor’ shoes not specific to the needs of squash. It is very difficult to make a shoe which suits every foot, as we found out to our cost last year.

“We are very confident in the new shoe suiting as many people as possible. And being a great product, I wouldn’t have put my name to it otherwise. My shoe has a slight tweak on the toe because of the unique natutre of my foot which wouldn’t be appropriate to 99 per cent of other people. I look forward to continued success with Hi-Tec, the world’s number one squash shoe maker.”

Hope that puts the record straight, Nick. Good luck in Hong Kong.

PS: I’m a size eight.

Check out the Hi-Tec range by clicking here.

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