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Sohail Qaiser: 1965-2016

Pakistan squash mourns the demise of Sohail Qaiser (1965-2016)
By ALEX WAN – Editor, Squash Mad Asia Bureau

Barely a week after the world crowned a new world junior champion, Pakistan mourns the loss of one of theirs. Sohail Qaiser (سہیل قیصر), born in 1965 and a native of Lahore, passed away on 14 August 2016 after losing his battle against cancer.

Qaiser became the third world junior champion and the first from Pakistan in 1982 when he defeated former world number 1 Chris Dittmar of Australia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Later in the year, he would also win the British under-23 Open in Wembley.

One of his other highlight of his career was winning the Men’s World Team Squash Championships in Cairo alongside the legendary Jahangir Khan and Umar Hayat Khan. It was Pakistan’s fourth title after winning in 1977, 1981 and 1983.

It was also extra sweet for Qaiser who played hero when he clinched the winning point, beating Paul Viggers 3-0 after the main score was tied at 1-all.

Pakistan's men's team who won the World Teams in 1985 (l-r) coach Umar Daraz , Umar Hayat Khan, Sohail Qaiser and Jahangir Khan
Pakistan’s men’s team who won the World Teams in 1985 (l-r) coach Umar Daraz , Umar Hayat Khan, Sohail Qaiser and Jahangir Khan

Ibrahim Gul, the Singapore national coach who was inspired by Qaiser as a child, said, “He was one of the most stylish and well mannered, both on and off the court, player that Punjab squash has ever produced. I don’t think Punjab squash will ever be able to produce a gem like him. He was not only an asset to Punjab, but also to Pakistan squash.”

Mansoor Zaman, Pakistan’s former world number 11 also echoed the same, “Sohail (Qaiser) was very stylish and talented. He’s also always polite to everyone.”

“Champions never die. He will be missed and will always be in our prayers”, added the 36 year old from Peshawar.


The only other Pakistani to have won the world junior title is Jansher Khan in 1986.



Sohail Qaiser in his younger playing days
Sohail Qaiser in his younger playing days

Pictures courtesy of Ibrahim Gul


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  1. Sohail qaisar was great player he was famous for his unique style and perfect body for Squash he was embassidor of Squash in and out of Squash. He won many events in his playing career his services for Squash will be admired for ever . Squash was his passion and a dedicated Squash lover we will miss him

  2. Great person with great personallty my personal Roll model . being his training partner for some time made me real proud and improved my squash which lead me into top 4 under 19 junior in a short period of time. God bless his soul he proved to get free from this world on independents day everyone will remember him in there duaas hope he’s in a better place Allah makes it easy for him and rest of the chosen soul’s!

  3. Very handsome guy, seen him playing Singapore open those days. Very polite and well respected man. May your soul rest in peace.

  4. Very Sad News. I’m Sure my Australian Friends and Touring Players Would Wish me Pass on our Condolences

    To Sohails Family Friends and Pakistan Squash. Sohail was a Tremendous Squash Player, a very Placid guy and

    And an Absolute Gentleman. RIP Champ. Too Young.

    Rick Hill.

  5. I saw him wining the Junior Title of the World Junior Squash Championship 1983 in Singapore. I was the liaisons official of Pakistan. Watching him trained every morning while they were in Singapore.
    He was a very talented and stylish players of Pakistan Team.
    Rest in Peace my Friend.

  6. What a talent , what a person . I was fortunate to play him many times and knew him well
    Condolences to his entire family in particular his uncle Gogi Allaudin who was a genius on the court .

    • Thanks for he comment Chris. Understand from Steve Walton you’re on Olympics duty.
      Can I add this as a quote into the article itself?

  7. As a complete newcomer to pro squash I met Sohail at Wembley in 1985 where he was training as well. He was happy to have a hit with me (mind you, I could barely hit proper lengths then and he was an absolute top world class pro). He was one year younger than me and he was so friendly and open. He had such an impressively balanced character and relaxed aura around him. Great experience for an ambitious young player to have encountered him. This experience stuck in my mind and has been worth millions in terms of coaching effect. It transcends the notion that it is just only squash or a sport. This is all about being human in its best form. Sohail’s spirit is immortal and certainly is accompanying me.

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