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PSL Predictions…beat The Swig and WIN a Head racket

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THE SWIG: He couldn’t tip his hat


IT’S round four of the Premier Squash League on Tuesday so that means one thing…SquashMad tipster The Swig is back in business.

He’s public enemy number one with the bookies, mainly with unpaid debts, but he knows what’s what, who’s hot and how to tip a winner. In round one he went through the card like a dose of winter flu and he’s ready to take his predictions to Nostradamus levels this week as he gazes into his crystal ball.

The Swig had made his match-by-match predictions using  Hi-Tech and mathematical data, inside knowledge, uncanny insight and an expert’s eye for the game…when they failed he spun a coin and guessed like a novice,

Don’t take him too seriously (we don’t), after all last year he failed to predict Christmas and Easter. That said, if you think you can do better email us your tips ([email protected]) and you could WIN a brand new squash racquet provided by our friends at HEAD.


So here we go with a glimpse into the future. Expect to be amazed…as all cheap salesmen say.

There’ll be a few changes to the line ups as players call in sick and busy so don’t blame The Swig for any dodgy pairings.


The Swig’s Predictions




Duffield v Nottingham

Nick Matthew v Eddie Charlton 3-0
Joel Hinds v Ollie Holland 3-0
Andy Whipp v Chris Fuller 3-1 if his back is better
Aqeel Rehman v Josh Taylor 3-2
Laura Massaro v Emma Beddoes 3-0
Birmingham 5-0

Pontefract v Chapel Allerton

James Willstrop v Daryl Selby 3-1
Saurav Ghosal v Chris Simpson 3-1
Lee Beachill v Shaun Le Roux 1-3
Adam Taylor v Simon Parke 1-3
Sarah Kippax v Jenny Duncalf 1-3

Chapel A 3-2

Birmingham v Coolhurst

Chris Ryder v Ben Coleman 3-1
Jaymie Haycocks v Yann Perrin 3-1
Nathan Lake v Adam Auckland 2-3
Bradley Hindle v Steve London 3-0
Deon Saffery v Madeline Perry 1-3

Birmingham 3-2


St George’s v Chichester

Borja Golan v Jon Kemp   3-1
Tom Richards v Rex Hedrick 3-1
Henrik Mustonen v Robbie Temple 3-1
Alex Ingham v Ollie Pett 1-3
Dom Lloyd-Walter v Jackie Kemp 0-3

St George’s 3-2

Exeter v Surrey

Omar Mosaad v Adrian Grant 3-2
Olli Tuominen v Raphael Kandra 3-0
Joey Barrington v Davide Bianchetti 3-1
Tim Vail v Richie Fallows 3-2
Rhianne O’Donnell v Alison Waters 0-3

Exeter 4-1

Bristol v Winchester

David Evans v Robert Downer 3-0
Tom Ford v Alex Phillips 3-2
Mike Harris v Phil Bull 3-2
Jethro Binns v Daniel Poleschuck 1-3
Yathreb Adel v Emily Hayes 3-0

Bristol 4-1


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