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SquashApp set to take the game by storm

Tracking your shot selection with SquashApp
Tracking your shot selection with SquashApp

Your coach is always on your shoulder when you download the SquashApp

There are lots of choices online when it comes to seeking help to improve your squash. Now you can download the SquashApp to help take your game to the next level. Along with so many of the best things in squash, this new tool comes from Egypt.

The idea to develop SquashApp began to take shape two years ago, when Ahmed Mohsen (CEO and co-founder) was looking to create a detailed analytics report to help him assess and coach Egypt’s champion Omneya Abdelkawy (currently world No.9) , who he had just started coaching since his return from a one year MBA in Spain.

The process proved to be hectic and at times unreliable when approached in the simple manner of putting pen to paper. This was due to the overwhelming amount of information and calculations needed to analyze the player’s choice of shot types and locations.

Ahmed and Amr Swelim were always looking for a way to improve the sport of squash, and to help the players they were coaching. Their feeling of belonging to the sport, and their commitment to help the game grow, pushed them to work together and come up with all it takes to fulfill this dream of bringing real analytics and beneficial reporting to the squash game.

They soon formulated a code using equations and algorithms; however, it was too complex for other coaches to use since they were not involved in its development in the first place. Thus SquashApp was born!

The solution to the problem was the inspiration behind the idea for SquashApp. A simple, quick and easy-to-use input system that helps coaches, players, parents, and fans track everything, from wins, losses, locations, and even trend analysis for historical archiving and reference.

Ahmed with the help of his co-founders Amr Swelim (former World number 39) and Ismail Hafez, Marketing and Business Development Guru, were able to make this App, with all its computations and back-end analysis, into a very simple, easy-to-use application for every squash addict.

How SquashApp Works 

As a start SquashApp has four main account types: Player, Coach, Federation and University.

Player Account: Once the player registers and creates an account, he/she will have five free reports which are extendable to reach 20 free reports, given successful referrals to other friends.

The player is then asked to input match details, whether it’s a tournament or a training match. Both work the same,  although there is a need to differentiate between real tournament matches and others in training.

The player is then taken to the input page to enter his/her opponent and some other optional info. Then the player is taken to the match input screen, where he inputs point by point (only the last shot of the rally).

In the input screen, the inputter has to answer four different questions:
a) Who won the rally?
b) What was the Shot Type?
c) From where did the shot start?
d) Where did the shot end?

Study the success level of each shot
Study the success level of each shot

Everything after that is calculated automatically, thanks to our powerful back-end engine, that crunches all given data, and comes out with clean, image driven reports.

The player can have access to unlimited reports, trend analysis, and comparison just by upgrading to the premium account for just $34.99 a year.

Coach Account: The same as the player account, the only difference is that a coach can manage more than one player, while the player account is a sole account.

The coach can start by adding players whom he/she coaches and have direct access to input their matches and even comparing between matches for his/her different players. The coach account is for free for one player and to add more there are three categories to upgrade to:

a) Silver Coach: Manage up to five players
b) Gold Coach: Manage up to 10 players
c) Platinum Coach: Manage Unlimited number of players

Federation Account: The Federation account can start by adding unlimited number of players related to a specific country or region, and have all details and analysis for them, individually and combined. Downloading the App is free but to add any players it needs to become a Premium Federation Account.

University Account: The University account can start by adding unlimited number of players each with his/her university email, and start analyzing their matches along the season. An added feature for a university-only account, is the ability to track the performance and scout for registered players who are on public profile option.

This feature allows any player to be noticed from universities to see the actual match performance combined with test scores, which allows universities to have a more efficient recruitment process. Downloading the app is free but to add any players it needs to become a Premium University Account.

It only takes any user a game to master the match input system, that we have invented and developed to perfectly suit the fast nature of the squash rally and game.

Users can log on to the website to have a more detailed reports view, trend analysis, and comparisons.

*The Application is currently downloadable from Apple’s App Store (For Ipad only), and will soon be available on other platforms.

Pictures courtesy of SquashApp

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