Saturday, July 13, 2024

Training tip of the day: Volleying

Solo volley practice has many benefits:

  • It tunes up the reflexes
  • It makes the eyes focus on the ball.
  • It highlights any flaws in the racket work.

Volley chipping drill:

This would be the best drill to start off learning the volley.  If, standing near the side wall makes it too difficult, step towards the center of the court where there is more room.

Only hit the ball as fast/hard as you can control the ball, starting with one or two continuous volleys until you are able to get ten consecutive hits, then increase the pace.

Volleys Figure of eight:

This drill requires a very high level of skill, and patience as well as:

  • hand eye co-ordination
  • racket work
  • ball control
  • speed control
  • judgement
  • anticipation
  • fluent swing
  • wrist control

Start the exercise slowly, aiming around the cutline. If you have difficulty with the angle of the figure of 8 volley, commence with the drive figure of 8, and when you feel confident progress to the volley.


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