Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Essex girls take on City boys in £500 challenge

Essex Squash comes up with novel way to raise funds as they challenge City slickers

12495175_1683542328551481_7343713090732251550_nOne sharp-thinking squash county has come up with a unique way of raising much needed funds by challenging a team of City slickers to a £500 winner-takes-all showdown. 

The intriguing match-up is the brainchild of Matthew White, a lawyer with EC3/Legal and an active member of the Essex Junior Squash committee. Matthew is also a member of the famous Lloyds Squash Club in the Lloyds Insurance Market and he reckoned it would be a fascinating challenge to see how a team of Under-17 Essex junior players would get on against some of the best players in the Square Mile.

“Like all sporting organisations, Essex Junior Squash is in need of funds, but instead of asking for sponsorship we thought we’d throw down a challenge with a small wager attached,” explained Matthew this week.

“I was delighted when Simon Engelen, a senior underwriter at Marine & Aviation accepted the challenge. The initial idea was for a three-a-side competition but the event has gained amazing interest and it’s now a nine-a-side match. It should be some contest.”

Like all good insurance experts, Matthew is not leaving Essex Junior Squash exposed to any great losses. He’s underwriting the wager himself but will be on hand to ensure he gets a good run for his money. “My daughter Eleanor is in our team so I may have to discuss a possible reduction of personal allowances if she loses,” joked Matthew. “It’s a tough match to call with very little known about the runners and riders, but our Essex girls are all county players so won’t be fazed by the occasion. Well hopefully not, any way.”

The match is during half-term on Monday October 24th at the Thomson Reuters Building, 1 Paul Lulius Close, London E14 2EH. The action begins at 5.30pm through to 9pm.

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