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PSL Round 5..anyone seen The Swig?

PREMIER SQUASH LEAGUE tipster The Swig is still celebrating going through the card in the last round of matches. He was in remarkable form running at an amazing 90 per cent accuracy.

We sent him off on a well earned break with his winnings, and the scoundrel has yet to return. Something about meeting a stray mare in a paddock, whatever that means.

So there’s no predictions for tonight’s final round of the first half of the 2013/14 PSL season. We’ll bring you all the results as they happen from the six locations around the UK so sit back and enjoy all the stories coming your way.

Here’s tonight’s line-ups with a few still to be confirmed by the clubs.

Group A

Nottingham v Pontefract 

Alan Clyne v  ?
Eddie Charlton v ?
Chris Fuller v Adam Taylor
Ollie Holland v Chris van der Salm
Emma Beddoes v Sarah Kippax

Birmingham v Duffield 

Chris Ryder v Steve Coppinger
Jaymie Haycocks v Joel Hinds
Bradley Hindle v Scott Handley
Joel Makin v Adam Murrills
Deon Saffery v Laura Massaro

Chapel Allerton v Coolhurst 

Chris Simpson v Steve London
Shaun Le Roux v Josh Masters
Matt Sidaway v Joe Green
Julian Tomlinson v Nick Sutcliffe
Carrie Ramsey v Madeline Perry

Group B

Chichester v Exeter 

Jon Kemp v Laurens Jan Anjema
Rex Hedrick v Olli Tuominen
Robbie Temple v Joey Barrington
Ollie Pett v Tim Vail
Jackie Kemp v Aisling Blake

Bristol v St George’s 

David Evans v Borja Golan
Mike Harris v Tom Richards
Hadrian Stiff v Joe Lee
Thoboki Moholo v Charles Sharpes
Camille Serme v Dom Lloyd-Walter

Surrey v Winchester

Adrian Grant v Rob Downer
Adrian Waller v Alex Phillips
Davide Bianchetti v Scott Fitzgerald
Tim Garner v Phil Bull
Alison Waters v Emily Whitlock


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